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The mobile robots from MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots, Denmark) are autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) designed to optimize productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations. The MiR AMRs make your employees more efficient by allowing them to focus on higher-value activities, while shortening lead time, reducing the risk of bottlenecks, and optimizing safety.



1. TRULY Autonomous

MiR always complete its tasks autonomously. In another words, MiR is the truly collaborative mobile robot on the market.

Re-calculate the route to avoid dynamic/static obstacles on its path

2. Safe

- Collaborates safely with people
- Avoids static and dynamic obstacles
- Complies with relevant safety standards

- Laser Scanners (360 degree protection)
- 3D camera (detection 50-500mm above ground) 

- Gyroscope
- Motor encoder
- Accelerometer

3. Easy to Integrate

- Fast and Cost-efficient deployment without disruptions to existing process or layout
- Can be programmed via the user friendly robot interface without prior programming experience.

Extremely user-friendly interface

- Works on PC, tablet and smartphone

- Customizable dashboard makes it easy to tailer the interface to the individual user's needs.

MiR Fleet

Fleet management for optimized robot traffic

- Works on PC, tablet and smartphone

- Customizable dashboard makes it easy to tailer the interface to the individual user's needs.

4. Flexible

- Open platform and easy to customize with different top modules
- Possibly of out of the box solutions from MiR or from 3rd parties (Yes, Nishio provides top module!)

MiR works as an Autonomous Frontliner


Autonomous Frontliner

Five hospital departments at Zealand University Hospital in Denmark receive daily autonomous deliveries from the hospital’s sterilization center with a MiR100. Before the mobile robot arrived, service assistants were providing weekly deliveries of disposable equipment to hospital departments. A manual procedure that involved heavy lifting.

Now the MiR100 improves the ergonomics, make sure that deliveries are made on time, and frees up time for the service assistants to do warmer tasks like patient care.

Through the implementation, weekly deliveries of disposal which involve heavy lifting that is done by service assistants able to be replace by the robot. Hence, those valuable time can be use for other task such as patient care.


   MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot, Denmark) is a beautiful and the most intelligent AUTONOMOUS logistic robot available in the market. MiR does not require engineer to install. We don't need programmer to command. It only needs your hand phone, mobile tablet or computer to be controlled.

  The future of logistic robotics has arrived in Malaysia.

 This is not not only for use in plant or warehouses but also in hospital, hotels, library, airport, restaurants..
 We prepare the scheme for everyone to start MiR NOW!


It's Rent-to-Own. 
No commitment required

Why Nishio?

3 main reasons why Nishio makes a difference.




Nishio Robotics Div. is providing robotics and automation solutions to Material Handling and logistics needs with a broad application from automobile, electronics, semiconductors to consumer goods industries.

To Improve material handling and logistics, our AMR will increase productivity and efficiency by replacing manual handling and porting. With 3 difference types of guidance such as magnetic guidance, Laser guidance and Autonomous.
We also provide AGV to replace forklift and reach truck.

We are proud member of Nishio Rent All (Japan) group companies since 1972 in Malaysia.

As one of the leading rental company (8th globally), we are committed to assist customers to own machineries and equipment in their best way.

Purchase, Rental, Rent-to-Buy..

We are the engineering team with options!

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